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Why Service Members Need Reliable Batteries On Hand

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Why Service Members Need Reliable Batteries On Hand

3 ways Storacell battery caddies make your job easier & safer

Whether you serve in the military, as a police officer or firefighter, or in an agency such as the FBI or DOJ, you use battery-operated devices in your everyday tasks. But what happens when those batteries die? Here are a few reasons why every service member needs Storacell battery caddies. 

1. Quick access

Time is of the essence when you’re responding to an emergency situation or completing duties on base. You rely on your tools like flashlights and communication devices to help you get the job done, and many of these tools run on battery power. 
When your batteries die, there’s no time for rummaging around aimlessly in your pack or toolbox. With Storacell battery caddies, your batteries stay organized and easy to access quickly. You can even dispense batteries from the caddies with only one hand! Plus, you can choose a caddy that glows if nighttime operations are common in your schedule. For a more discreet caddy, choose from military green or black. 
Don’t jeopardize an operation by having to scramble for new batteries – keeping them close in a battery caddy means you stay on-task & efficient.

2. Safety

When batteries are stored touching one another, they run the risk of starting a fire. With made-in-the-USA Storacell battery caddies, your power source is stored safely. 

3. Ease of transport

With a wide range of materials you need to transport to every job and keep nearby in case of emergency, easy storage is key. You’ll never leave your batteries behind when you utilize our sleek and compact design. 
Storacell is committed to making you safer and more efficient with our convenient, compact, and easy to access battery caddies. You need quick access, safety, and ease of transport for all of your key materials when you’re on the job. We partner with United States government agencies, like the FBI and Homeland Security, to help improve the lives of those who serve, and all of our products are made in America. 
Get your battery caddy today! If you have questions or want to place an immediate order, please call 1-866-540-7260 or email 

Why Service Members Need Reliable Batteries On Hand