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Why Medical Supply Distributors Need Battery Caddies

  • battery caddies and medical equipment

Why Medical Supply Distributors Need Battery Caddies

Three reasons medical suppliers need battery caddies on hand 

When it comes to fulfilling all of your clients’ medical supply needs, you’ve got plenty of products and specifications to juggle. With so many people depending on you to offer the products they truly need, it’s crucial to keep Storacell battery caddies in your inventory. Provide above and beyond service by providing tools for every small detail, including battery storage!

1. Help clients stay organized

From diabetic supplies to oxygen tanks and personal care devices, many of the products you supply require batteries or other sources of power. Unfortunately, batteries can be difficult for your clients to store and maintain, especially when they’re purchased or sold in bulk. When batteries are stored next to each other, they can even start fires and become a serious safety hazard. 
With a wide variety of products and supplies, the hospitals and clinics you supply products need easy access to various different types of batteries. When you sell equipment along with sleek, safe organizers and combo packs, your clients will always know where to find their batteries. 

2. Pair with related products

Keeping Storacell battery caddies in stock allows you to offer simple and helpful add-ons when your clients order products that require batteries. When you’re working to prepare a large order, preparation is key. Having these devices on hand allows you to produce orders that are fully ready to use and optimized for ease and safety. 

3. Provide the best service

Being detail-oriented is part of fulfilling your role as a trusted medical supply distributor. Thinking of each and every aspect of each order can set you apart from your competitors. In order to provide the very best service for your clients, think through the small details like battery type and storage, and provide simple packages that fulfill your clients needs without them needing to scramble later on. You can even offer rechargeable batteries, which can be stored in our new magnetic caddies without losing charge!
Storacell is committed to making your job easier, safer, and more streamlined through the use of our cutting edge battery caddies. Stay organized and prepared in order to provide the very best service on each order when you use sleek and accessible Storacell caddies. 
Get your battery caddy today! If you have questions or want to place an immediate order, please call 1-866-540-7260 or email  

Why Medical Supply Distributors Need Battery Caddies