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Hey Dads! Keep Your Family Safe

Hey Dads! Keep Your Family Safe

Storacell battery caddies can help you prepare for emergencies and family outings alike.

Spring is almost here, and with the fresh new season comes the need to prepare for various family activities! As you get ready for changing weather patterns, vacations, and local family outings, be sure to pack your Storacell battery caddies. PLUS get a great Storacell Coupon Code below!

Household Emergencies

When springtime brings along thunderstorms and even blizzards, it’s crucial to be prepared for power outages and unforeseen shortages at home. Look after your family by creating a simple kit with necessities like flashlights and lanterns, a first aid kit, and shelf-stable food and water items. Depending on your climate, you might consider adding small heaters to your kit as well. 
In case of a power outage, your emergency kit will only serve its purpose if you’ve got plenty of reliable batteries on hand. Fortunately, Storacell’s battery Combo Caddies will allow you to store all the batteries you need, in a safe and convenient way. No more scrambling through the dark to find stray batteries during an outage!


Before you head out for a family vacation, it’s important to ensure you have all the gear you need! Road trips can require particularly thorough preparation, especially if you’re driving through the night. Plus, whether you’re driving or flying, you’re bound to pack gaming devices and other means of entertainment to keep the kids busy! Store your batteries safely and efficiently with Storacell battery caddies, and keep your essentials ready for use. 

Outdoor Events

From sporting events to camping trips to days at the beach, outdoor events of all kinds call for thoughtful planning. Keep your family safe by bringing along devices such as a GPS, and of course pack a camera to capture all of the family memories! When you pack your batteries with Storacell caddies, you’ll never run out of power. 
Storacell is committed to helping you keep your family safe and happy through the use of our cutting edge battery caddies. Stay organized and prepared, and keep the fun times rolling!
Get your battery caddy today! If you have questions or want to place an immediate order, please call 1-866-540-7260 or email 

Hey Dads! Keep Your Family Safe