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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Guys

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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Guys

Let the holiday shopping begin!

These 10 stocking stuffer ideas for men will get your gift-giving season off to the right start.

Instax or Polaroid

There’s something special about shooting a photo that will quickly result in a physical keepsake, instead of just another square on your camera roll. These cameras are great to bring along on fun dates and new adventures. Don’t forget the film!

Rechargeable batteries

In addition to film, gadgets like Polaroid cameras require batteries! Rechargeable batteries make great gifts because they solve that ongoing, pesky problem of running out of power and being stuck until there’s time to run to the store. With rechargeables, all you need to do is charge them back up! One downside to rechargeable batteries is that they can be difficult to store. When they touch one another, their power can drain and they could even start a fire. That’s where magnetic battery caddies come in!

Magnetic battery caddy

To avoid the sticky situations that storing rechargeable batteries can create, give the gift of a magnetic battery caddy! These caddies are made specifically to keep rechargeable batteries safe, organized, and easy to access.

Bee’s wrap

If your guy brings lunch along to work or travels regularly, he’ll get plenty of use out of bee’s wrap. This reusable material helps keep food fresh without contributing to single-use plastic waste, plus it’s easy to clean and store.

Apple tag

This is the ideal gift for the guy who’s always losing his wallet or keys. All he’ll need to do is attach it to his frequently-lost item, and his phone will help him track it down on demand!

Beard oil

Everyone deserves to be pampered! Find a high-quality beard oil with a great scent for a thoughtful gift that promotes self-care.

Universal socket

Instead of carrying lots of heavy tools and sockets around, your guy can be prepared with dozens of strong steel pins, with just one tool: a universal socket. This is the perfect gift for guys who like to be handy, whether they’re a professional craftsman or just have hobbies like working on cars or building furniture.

Alarm clock

Many outdoor adventurers and travelers like to unplug. For those guys, a small, portable alarm clock is a great gift to help them stay on track in all of their adventures. To keep the clock powered and the batteries safe, pair with a AA battery caddy.

Camping lamp

For the outdoor enthusiast in your life, gift a portable camping lamp with multiple settings. These make outdoor camping more comfortable and enjoyable, allowing for card games, meals, and exploring to take place after dark. Keep the lights on with easily-accessible batteries in a Storacell caddy.

Combo battery caddy

Whether you’re shopping for a photographer, an outdoor adventurer, a handyman or any guy in between, he will more than likely need batteries with him most of the time. To avoid safety issues with battery storage and help them keep their charge while keeping him organized, gift him a simple and sleek battery caddy.
Hope these ideas from Storacell inspire you to make the best ever stocking for your guy!

Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Guys