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Essential Hiking Gear Backups From Storacell

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Essential Hiking Gear Backups From Storacell

Nearly 11 million Americans go on hiking & backpacking trips each year. Each one of them escapes into the great wilderness of the country with little more than the clothes on their back and a few items hanging from their shoulders. For some, it is a simple jaunt to a familiar overnight destination. For others, it is weeks venturing through unfamiliar terrain with no one and nothing to rely on other than themselves and their gear.
But for both groups, the few select items that make it into their pacts are included to serve a vital purpose. Once you realize every pound, or even ounce, of added weight means additional strain on your shoulders, back, or knees – your selection process becomes much more rigorous. This inevitably means, if even just one piece of equipment fails, your life itself could suddenly be in danger.
Having a backup for your hiking gear isn’t just smart, it could be lifesaving. So, let’s get you some tips that you might need to get home safely.

Hiking Gear Backups

There are 10 things every hiker is advised to bring with them:
1.  Navigation
2.  Headlamp
3.  Sun and Bug Protection
4.  First Aid Kit
5.  Swiss Army Knife
6.  Fire Starter
7.  Shelter
8.  Extra Food
9.  Water
10.  Extra Clothes
Some of these items can work as a backup for others. For example, if you realize your first aid kit lacks gauze, cutting patches out of clean clothes can be used in a worst-case scenario. Same if a hole suddenly appears in your tent, an extra shirt could be used to keep the rain out.
But for some items, having a backup in place & easily accessible is an absolute must-have.
Having a backup for water can be done by adding minimal weight to your pack by including a few extra iodine tablets or a Life Straw.  These would be vital if your canteen runs dry early. Both of these options are light, easy to pack, and are potentially lifesaving.
Backup fire starters are also an easy item to pack. Whether it is waterproof matches or a rugged lighter, knowing you can keep the cold away is an important assurance in colder climates.
Storacell has made having a backup set of batteries for your GPS and headlamp much easier. Utilizing our simple storage options for countless battery types, you can feel confident that your GPS, headlamp, and any other battery-operated tools will remain functional for your entire trip. Loose batteries can be difficult to find in a pack, especially in the dark, and pose many safety hazards. Keeping them organized and readily accessible will keep you calm if a headlamp suddenly goes out at night or a GPS dies miles from civilization.


Preparedness Equals Peace of Mind

If you’re on a hike and a piece of gear fails, and you lack a backup, your life could be in danger. Plan ahead, be intentional with what goes into your pack and know you’re ready for anything. Safely and securely storing your batteries in handy caddies will provide reassurance that you’re ready to take on the next great adventure.
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Essential Hiking Gear Backups From Storacell