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  • SLAA Orange

    SlimLine AA

    Holds 4 AA Batteries

  • AA 8 Pk Orange

    AA 8 Pack

    Holds 8 AA Batteries

  • AA Battery Caddy

    12 Pack Battery Caddy

    Holds 12 AA Batteries

  • 300x200 copy

    24 Pack Battery Caddy

    Holds 24 AA Batteries *New Item*

  • SLAAA 4 Pk Orange

    SlimLine AAA 4 Pack

    Holds 4 AAA Batteries

  • AAA Battery Caddy

    SlimLine AAA

    Holds 6 AAA Batteries

  • AAA-8-Pk-Orangemain

    AAA 8 Pack

    Holds 8 AAA Batteries

  • AAA 12 Pk Orange

    AAA 12 Pack

    Holds 12 AAA Batteries

  • AAA 20 Battery Caddy Pack

    AAA 20 Pack

    Holds 20 AAA Batteries *New Item*

  • CR123 Battery Caddy

    SlimLine CR123

    Holds 4 CR123 Batteries

  • CR123 Battery Caddy

    CR123 8 Pack

    Holds 8 CR123 Batteries

  • 9V Battery Caddy

    SlimLine 9V

    Holds 4 9V Batteries

  • 0027

    9V 8 Pack

    Holds 8 9V Batteries

  • 0003

    9V 16 Pack

    Holds 16 9V Batteries

  • SL18650 Orange

    18650 Battery Caddy

    Holds 4 18650 Batteries

  • Battery Caddy

    A9 Pack Battery Caddy

    Holds 8 AA, 4 AAA, & 1 9V Batteries

  • C4 Battery Caddy

    SlimLine C4

    Holds 4 C Batteries

  • D4 Battery Caddy

    SlimLine D4

    Holds 4 D Batteries

  • aa-orange-with-procell-1a

    Caddies with Batteries

    Shrink-Wrapped with 4 AA Batteries

  • PBC Orange

    The Original Battery Caddy

    Holds 12 AA, 4 AAA, 2 C, & 1 9V Batteries

  • Battery Caddy Pouch

    Storacell Pouch

    Holds 1 SlimLine AA, AAA or CR123

  • Men's Black Crew Neck T-shirt

    Storacell T-Shirts

    Women’s and Men's T-Shirst

  • Battery Tester

    Battery Tester

    Portable Digital Universal Battery Tester

The Original Battery Organizer

Perfect for organizing batteries at home and at work. Organize your draw or toolbox with this perfectly engineered battery storage system.

Original, Top Rated Battery Organizer Caddy

Perfect for pilots, photographers, law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts. Our durable and functional AAA Battery Cases put the power you need at your finger tips.

Original Battery Caddy (orange)

Original Battery Caddy (clear)

Original Battery Caddy (tuxedo black)

Original Battery Caddy
(military green)


Original Battery Caddy (yellow)

Original Battery Caddy (moonshine)


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