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Testimonials - Survival/Safety


"I may buy another one."

— David
Fenix Outfitters

"Definitely will purchase more."

— David

"Perfect slim design for holding 6 AAA batteries."

— Ss1946
Sporty’s Pilot Shop

Fenix Outfitters

- David
These are a handy way to keep your AA batteries together, as many devices take (4) AA batteries. I keep one in my camera bag for my flash and the other is in my zombie bag. I may buy another one.


- Casualchaos1  
I bought these for my vaping needs. 18650 battery size. Work very well. No more danger. Definitely will purchase more.

Sporty’s Pilot Shop

- Ss1946
Keeps batteries needed for my headset secure, easy to find and easier to inventory. Provides a safety factor and reduces the possibility of batteries shorting out. Very well made and should last a long time.  As my battery needs grow, I will definitely use this brand because it is so well thought out.

Pros: Perfect slim design for holding 6 AAA batteries. I use AAAs for my timer and flashlight, so spares are vital. Glow-in-the-dark plastic means I can easily find the spare batteries in my flight bag in the dark, after discovering my flashlight batteries are dead, which usually happens right after I discover the alternator failure <ahem>. Designed for one-handed removal. Cons: None. This handy device keeps your spare batteries organized, handy and findable without consuming more space out of an already-overstuffed flight bag.

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