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"A great tool to keep your charged batteries separated from the ones needed to be charged."

— Jeff
B&H Photo

"absolutely indispensable"

— Matthew

"Covers all of my needs."

— Caprae
B&H Photo

"Much better than those battery storage cases I've purchased."

— John
B&H Photo

B & H Photo

- Jeff
A great tool to keep your charged batteries separated from the ones needed to be charged. I bought two different colors to keep them identified.

- Caprae
I was tired of using baggies and rubber bands. These hold batteries secure and together. Will probably load these into a plastic case. I bought two 12 AA carriers. one 6 AAA carrier, and one 123A carrier. Covers all of my needs.

- John
Awesome battery holder for 12 AA batteries (mainly use as back up to my Canon Speedlite [4 AA] and Battery Pack [8 AA]). Well designed. Much better than those battery storage cases [4 AA or 4 AAA + 1 AA] I've purchased.


- Patrick
The plastic is hard and thick enough to be solid, yet flexible enough that it accommodates slight diameter variations between AA batteries of different makes and to allow for each small tab that holds the battery in place to be both big enough and easy enough to overcome when inserting and removing batteries.
I use multiple brands of mostly rechargeable batteries (most prominently Sanyo eneloops, Energizer and Duracell) and all of them fit well.

I do flash photography a lot and that means 12 batteries per flash (4 in the flash, 8 in the external power pack) so this size is perfect. One for the spares of each flash, plus another one for two spare sets for the camera AA tray.

I found a description of this battery holder in Syl Arena's Speedliter's Handbook and I am glad I followed the advice.

- J_Sherman
I like these a lot. I am a photographer and I now have a way to organize the batteries! At less than $6, it is a no brainer. Good quality, design, and fast shipping from Storacell.

- Matthew
These silly little battery caddies are absolutely indispensable. As a photographer, everything I own has rechargeable batteries and I'm constantly swapping in fresh batteries and ejecting used batteries. Being able to take fresh batteries out right-side up and put used batteries back upside down is simplistically genius. Fill this bad boy of battery organization with Panasonic Eneloops and you're good to go.

- Eric
So simple, so wonderful.  Don't think, just buy unless you like fishing around in your battery bucket/drawer. Meanwhile, I've got the ability to dispense batteries faster than you could believe.
Use it for hiking, use it for photography(my main use, need batteries for my strobes and best of all no clanking noise while I'm moving around), use it for your obsessive need to organize, just use it!