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"These things are great."

— Thomas

"These battery storage racks are right up there with sliced bread!"

— Thomas
Sporty’s Pilot Shop

"Discard batteries properly!"

— Georgiee
Home Depot


- Thomas      
These things are great. I have 4 or 5 of them to store all of my
rechargeable AA batteries and they have exceeded my expectations.  I treat mine rough (I explore old mines and they get tossed intoa pack with rocks, tools, and other gear) and they do just fine.
I also have some in my camera bag to hold the rechargeable NiMH AA batteries I use for my flash (speedlight).  I love them.
Buy the bright yellow ones! They will be easier to find in the bottom of a pack or bag, or in the dust on the floor of a mine tunnel.

- Don U in Big Sky Country
I looked at many, many different storage solutions for batteries. My objective is to keep batteries together in a lightweight storage device for backpacking / camping. I also wanted to be able to tell the fresh batteries from the used.

Some storage devices are clam shell style, but a frequent complaint is latching that breaks or doesn't hold. Also, once open, all the batteries can fall out. And if some were fresh and some used... well, you get the picture.

The quality is impressive. The plastic is sturdy and of the variety that will not shatter if dropped. All edges are smooth and I doubt there is any way it could snag on any of my camping gear.

This is a 5-Star product. It's a product that I would proudly give as a gift to a friend or relative.

- Eric
So simple, so wonderful.  Don't think, just buy unless you like fishing around in your battery bucket/drawer. Meanwhile I've got the ability to dispense batteries faster than you could believe.
Use it for hiking, use it for photography(my main use, need batteries for my strobes and best of all no clanking noise while I'm moving around), use it for your obsessive need to organize, just use it!

- Diggerdan
These are great and hold your batteries togather for travel and to but in camera bags and hunting, camping and you do not have to worry about the batteries touching each other and causing a fireDurable, Easy to Use, Sturdy, Nice Design.

Home Depot

- Georgiee
PowerPax Battery Organizer is great to keep your batteries organized while camping, traveling, or emergencies.

Keeps the batteries secure in adverse conditions when the original cardboard box will break down.

Discard batteries properly!

Simply place the battery back in the PowerPax Battery Organizer when spent in the opposite direction of the new ones. Up facing = Good to go, Down facing= Spent

Sporty’s Pilot Shop

- Turtledance       
I am now buying them for the Boat and Camp as well. These battery storage racks are right up there with sliced bread!