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Tools Aviation, LLC was founded in 2000 by Rick Foreman, a pilot and entrepreneur with a passion for flying and adventure. By profession, Rick is a tool and die maker and was nicknamed “Tools” many years ago by his friends in the industry. Throughout his career and in the field of aviation, safety has always been his highest priority. After hundreds of hours of flying experience, Rick invented a convenient way of carrying fresh batteries to make them easily accessible for pilots.

Understanding the need to access batteries in an emergency (lights out) situation, the caddies were first manufactured in glow material. We then added colors and additional caddy versions, realizing the safety and convenience of the caddies would be welcomed by everyone. Today, we have 15 versions and many color options to fit different uses.

Batteries are a part of everyone’s life. With our caddies, consumers can safely organize, store, protect and carry their batteries. We believe in the near future these dispensers will become the universal standard for handling your batteries.

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The Storacell product line is proudly Made in the USA at our parent company, Foreman Tool & Mold Corp. in Saint Charles, Illinois.


With the support of Foreman Tool’s mass production capabilities, we are able to easily supply customers and retailers worldwide.


All of our products are held to the highest standards by Foreman Tool’s superior quality control. Foreman Tool holds certifications in QS 9000 and ISO 9001 for design control, mold building and inspection molding, as well as, environmental management ISO 14001.

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